A review of the Batería Neuropsicológica de Funciones Ejecutivas y Lóbulos Frontales (BANFE-2)

Maria L. Munoz, PhD, CCC-SLP

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One test I have recently discovered is the Batería Neuropsicológica de Funciones Ejecutivas y Lóbulos Frontales (BANFE-2) which assesses executive dysfunction and frontal lobe syndrome. I was excited to find this test as I have struggled with the best way to asses Spanish-speaking individuals with traumatic brain injury.  Having had a chance to examine the BANFE-2, I am confident it will fill our assessment needs.

The BANFE-2 is a standardized test designed to assess performance on cognitive tasks dependent on the function of the pre-frontal lobes for Spanish-speaking individuals 5-79 years of age. The BANFE-2 includes 14 tasks:

  • Card sorting
  • Verbal fluency
  • Stroop
  • Mazes
  • Gambling task
  • Serial verbal learning
  • Serial visual learning
  • Sorting by semantic category
  • Idiom interpretation
  • Tower of Hanoi
  • Self-directed picture pointing
  • List alphabetization
  • Serial subtraction
  • Serial addition

Additionally, the BANFE-2 includes a questionnaire to examine frontal lobe functions in the following areas: self-awareness, behavior, emotional regulation, and executive functions. The patient and caregiver separately rate the patient on a scale from 1-5. Discrepancies between the two ratings give an indication of the patient’s self-awareness.

What I like:

  • The BANFE-2 provides a strong theoretical rationale for the design of the test and the tasks selected.
  • The test is standardized on 450 non-impaired individuals ranging in age from 6-80. The standard scores are stratified by age, and, for adults, by years of education.  Both of these factors have been shown to correlate with cognitive performance.
  • This is the only comprehensive formal assessment of executive functions for Spanish speakers which I have encountered.
  • The instructions, directions, and scoring procedures are fairly easy to follow.

Limitations I see:

  • The manual and all forms are in Spanish which may present some challenges to clinicians assessing patients using an interpreter, and some Spanish-speaking bilingual clinicians who have not been educated in Spanish (I had to look up some words!).
  • Administration is complicated by age-specific instructions on procedures.
  • The country in which the norms were obtained is not specified.  I assume the test was normed in Mexico based on the authors’ work settings. The norming sample appears to be composed of monolingual Spanish speakers so use of norms with bilingual speakers in the USA many not be appropriate.

Test: Batería Neuropsicológica de Funciones Ejecutivas y Lóbulos Frontales (BANFE-2)

Purchase: Pearson Clinical

Cost: $307.50 for a kit which includes 10 record forms, rater forms, and profiles


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